Original Penguin Polos, Shorts, Pants and more 60% Off!

Original Penguin Sale

I’ve been called a “clothes hound” by friends and family multiple times. I like to dress well and have spent a small fortune on my clothing over the years. Before I started shopping on the web, and in my younger, professional life, I would head to a store, and think nothing of spending $50 for a polo shirt, $70 for a pair on khakis, and as much as $150 for a pair of shoes.

Eventually, I saw the stupidity in that, and discovered deals like this one. In this sale, there are button down shirts for less than $20, pants for less than half of what you would pay in a department store, plus socks, wallets and more at very low prices. Basically, you’ll get twice as much for your money by shopping this sale.

For a single day, 8/30 Amazon is offering 60% off on some very fashionable and sport men’s apparel from Original Penguin. For one day, you’ll crush those in store prices, and get all of it shipped free when you spend $35 or more or just use your Prime Membership.

We like the prices, and we like this excellent apparel deal. A few samples with their original prices included for comparison for your viewing and shopping pleasure:

  • Original Penguin Men’s Polo $69.00 $27.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s Chino Pant $89.00 $35.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s Scored Leather Wallet $50.00 $17.99
  • Original Penguin Men’s Basic Printed Short 100% Cotton $79.00 $31.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s Space Dye Wide Stripe Polo Shirt $69.00 $27.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s Palm Tree Printed Short 100% Cotton $79.00 $31.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s 3 Pack Solid and Stripes Crew Socks $45.00 $18.00
  • Original Penguin Men’s Printed Crew with Solid Pocket Jersey $49.00 $19.60
  • Original Penguin Men’s Short Sleeve Printed Cabana 60/40 Cotton Polyester Oxford $79.00 $31.60