Nubee Temperature Gun NUB8380 Laser Infrared Thermometer for $11.68!

Nubee Temperature GunWe’ve seen this one for more than $50 at other sites, which means they’re really getting their bums whooped with this deal. With no expiration date listed, Amazon (via seller NuBeeStore) is offering the Nubee Temperature Gun NUB8380 Laser Infrared Thermometer for an absurd price of just $11.68. Simply add the NUB8380 to your cart, then apply promo code 83805OFF to drop $5 off your total and get this hot deal!

*Note that these third party seller deals with promo codes tend to sell out very quickly.*

This excellent device is handheld and in gun-style in design for easy control, uses a bright red laser for ease of aim, makes no contact, and measures temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It tells you when the battery is low and shuts off on it’s own when you’re not using it. Uses just one 9 volt battery (one is included in the box!

The exceptional review scores average 4.5 out of 5 after more than 1,300 folks have given their opinions!