NFL Apparel At Hot Prices at Bon-Ton!

Bon Ton NFL saleGreat deal, but how much do we have to pay to get the referees to see better? Sorry, we couldn’t resist taking a poke at our favorite professional sports league.

The truth is that NFL merchandise can be pricey, so this is the kind of deal we look for when someone in the family wants a T-shirt, jersey or hoodie with their favorite team emblazoned on it. While each of us owns at least one expensive jersey, this is a great option to paying those high prices most places charge for pretty much ANYTHING with the letters “NFL” on it.

Bon-Ton has marked down prices on a great selection of NFL gear for men, women and children. Even better, you can apply promo code FREESHIP to get your order shipped at no extra charge, regardless of how little or how much you spend. Here’s a taste of the deals you’ll find (all in stock as of posting time)…

  • New York Giants Women’s Pump Fake Tee Hoodie Original: $62.00 – Sale: $31.00
  • NFL Green Bay Packers Hail Women’s Mary Tee Original: $54.00 – Sale: $27.00
  • NFL Chicago Bears Men’s Faction Knit Pants Original: $34.00 – Sale: $17.00
  • Dallas Cowboys Deep Slant Micro Raschel Throw Original: $56.00 – Sale: $22.40
  • NFL Minnesota Vikings Star Club Track Jacket Original: $82.00 – Sale: $41.00
  • NFL Denver Broncos Men’s Bleacher Flannel Pants Original: $34.00 – Sale: $17.00
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles Men’s Pullover Fleece Hoodie Original: $74.00 Sale: $37.00
  • NFL Minnesota Vikings Men’s Bounder Cuff Knit Hat Original: $18.00 – Sale: $9.00
  • NFL Indianapolis Colts Men’s Pullover Fleece Hoodie Original: $74.00 – Sale: $37.00
  • ’47 Brand Men’s Detroit Lions Breakaway Cuff Knit Hat Original: $20.00 – Sale: $10.00
  • Indianapolis Colts Women’s Fusion Short Sleeve Shirt Original: $40.00 – Sale: $20.00