New Roku 4K Streamer Available for Pre-Order!

Roku 4 Streaming Player

Roku has become a name that’s synonymous with streaming for many of us. Having said that, there’s been one thing missing from our favorite media players. HDTVs have offered Ultra HD resolution for some time now, and we’ve been anxiously waiting on a 4K Roku Player for a few years now. Well, it has arrived (or almost, anyway.) The new Roku is finally on sale and ready to plug into your TV. Oh, and did we mention that by that we mean your 4K Ultra HD, spectacularly detailed 4K TV? Yes, it’s about time!

Smart HDTVs are great, but frankly, we prefer a great media streamer to some of the “downscaled” functionality we get from a number of lower priced models. Here’s your “Smart” solution.

Here’s some even better news: Pre-Order the new Roku 4 Media Player and it will ship on or about 10/21! That means you won’t have long to wait to get your hands on it. Amazon has it for $129.99 and we’ll be snagging a few ourselves.

So what’s new? Well, of course the capability to play movies in higher resolution is available, but that’s just part of the story with the new Roku 4:

– Of course, we have to mention that first, because it’s definitely the most anticipaed feature. It features 4K functionality, meaning you can pop it into the 4K HDTV in your living room, and sit back and enjoy as this small but powerful machine upscales incoming video in both 720p and 1080p video to spectacular Ultra HD resolution! YAY!

– Alright so Roku now has more channels as well. You can now access more than 2500 channels that encompass practically every genre imaginable. You’ll run out of time before you enjoy all of the great entertainment available including (tons of) sports, movies, music, children’s programming, etc…

– Improved voice search (another one we’re happy to see) makes it easy to tell it whether you’re in the mood for a specific movie, your favorite actor and other stuff!

– A feed that shows you via Feed what’s on and how to get it is an awesome feature from Roku that gives you ideas in case you’re not sure what to watch.

– Tell it what your 20 favorite channels are and it will tell you what’s on at those and when.

– The Roku 4 updates frequently and automatically as new content becomes available.

– For bozos like me, push a button on the player to find out where you “misplaced” your remote.

– For when I’m obsessed with a show that I must watch late into the night to catch up, there’s a headphone jack (as always) so that I don’t bother anyone during the scenes where stuff explodes.