New Apple Products!

They’re busy beavers, those folks at Apple! It seems that just as we get comfortable with our iPod, iPad and iPhone, they come out with another generation of the device. Like most companies, they try to keep the good and jettison the not so good with each successive generation. Perhaps more than any other electronics manufacturer, they’re equally adept at making and marketing their products.

Which brings us to our latest installment of Apple News:

The entire technology sector is abuzz with talk fo the latest products from Apple! Here’s just some of what we know, and as always, a bit of silliness we’re hearing to lighten the mood…

– At the head of a company that is ever faithful to hyperbole, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that “…we have changed everything about these new iPhones” (CNN Money). Apparently, the updated phones are now constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, a 3D screen borrowed from their own Apple Watch. Also new are a 12 MP camera that’s considerably sharper than it’s predecessor. Keep it tuned here for deals on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

– Apple also announced that they are working on an iPad Pro (Ars Technica). Word is that it will be almost 13″ in size and offer more pixels than their Macbook Pro. It is expected to be powerful enough to stream 4K video 3 at a time, and the company is expected to produce a Surface style cover/keyboard as an available accessory. Some great apps are expected to be on board when it ships.

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