New Amazon Echo Dot Pre-Order for $49.99!


Call us obsessive, but this is the reason we checkout our e-mail account muliple times per day. With a little luck, we find news of the release of great new products like this one.

New Pre-Order deal that just popped up! Get the New, 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot at Amazon for just $49.99 with free shipping. The release date is 10/20/16 so you won’t have to wait long to get yours.

What’s new about the latest technological device from Amazon? A few cool things…

First and perhaps most importantly, the 2nd Generation Dot allows you access to the very nifty technology Amazon is employing in their Echo products, at a considerably lower price than the others in the line. For just $49.99 and with shipping free of charge, you get voice control and “no hands” operation to do all sorts of fun things like this…

– Control wireless devices by using your voice (the range is significant thanks to a generous seven microphones built in) to activate and deactivate lights, turn on a fan, activate your entry alarms, and more.

– Use it to listen to music via some of the most popular streaming services online including Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.

– A built in speaker allows you to do this without adding an additional speaker, though you can if you want bigger, better audio.

Also on the landing page, you’ll find the 2nd Gen Echo Dot bundle with useful items like a Smart Thermostat, a great Bose Sound System, and a Smart Plug.