Nest Cam NC1102ES Live Streaming Security Camera $149!

Nest Cam Security Camera

*11/23/17 Update – It’s back in stock and available for just $139.00 shipped today!*

*7/26 Update: Not available at the price below as of today. Stay tuned.*

Obviously, great things happen when various technologies are combined to make products better. In this case, you not only get a device that offers a view of what’s happening, but a live stream of the “action” (or preferably a lack thereof.) While it lasts and with no end date listed, Amazon offers the Nest Cam NC1102ES Live Streaming Security Camera for just $149.00. Shipping is free and that makes it the lowest price we’ve seen yet for this innovative model from a company that’s building an excellent reputation in the world of security camera technology. It’s also a best by $40 that we could find at the moment, with most others still at $199.

  • The Nest Cam receives 4.0 out of 5 possible stars in reviews at the site.
  • 1080p Resolution gives you nice detail of what you’re watching, an obviously desirable feature for those wanting to know exactly what happened and because of whom.
  • You’ll get alerts to your phone if you desire, with the option to receive them when there is motion and/or sounds in view of the camera via their Nest App. However, it continues to record at all times, regardless.
  • The camera gives you a great view, even at night. It employs eight LED infrared lights so you’ll see the entire breadth of the view, not just a single spotlighted area.
  • You can mount the camera magnetically by “sticking” it on practically anything made of metal, or mount it on a wall, shelf, or even a tripod.