MSI GE72 G Series Pro-001 Apache 17.3″ Laptop $1358.51!

MSI Apache LaptopIn technical jargon, this is the type of laptop commonly referred to as “a beast.” It’s also on sale for the first time we’ve seen, and normally sells for $1,500 or more. It isn’t discounted often, and if you’re a gamer looking for a real, gorgeously apportioned machine, we suggest you take a look. The big screen, super fast hybrid drive, and all around combination of speed and power make it truly great machine for practically everything you want to do.

While it lasts, get the MSI GE72 G Series Pro-001 Apache 17.3″ Laptop for $1,358.51 with free shipping!

– Beautiful visuals for your games and videos on the 1080p eDP, non-reflective display.

– Loads of speed from the new QuadCore i7-6700HQ Intel Skylake processor running at 2.6GHz that takes off into orbit at 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost from Intel.

– Excellent graphics thanks to the 3GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory that holds GTX 970M GeForce Graphics from NVIDIA.

– A combination hybrid drive offers 128GB of fast moving Solid State Drive space, plus 1TB of Hard Disk Drive storage.

– A whopping 16GB of fast, DDR4 memory is pre-installed when you get it. But if you insist, you can add another 16GB on your own. Wow!

– It’s a great looking laptop as well, with a very colorful keyboard that’s fun to watch at “work.”

– Windows 10 Operating System.