Monster 350 Core Power Wall Tap Outlet with USB Charging for $14.56!

Monster Surge ProtectorIt’s no secret that Monster does power and surge protection well. But this one solves another “problem” too. In my house I use it to power the wireless speaker that is positioned out of eyesight behind my couch. A larger surge protector would be in plain view on the floor, and keep my from placing my couch up against the wall where I want it. Basically, it’s excellent surge protection with multiple outlets, but with a small, on wall footprint. Works for me!

Ending on 9/6, Amazon is offering the Monster 350 Core Power Wall Tap Outlet on sale for just $14.56. You’ll get it shipped free of charge if you spend $35 or more, or if you are a member of Amazon Prime. This one even offers USB charging for you smartphone or tablet, and three outlets encased in ceramic for protection against fire.