“Minions” and Losing the Plot

A recent Wall Street Journal (yes, really) review of “Minions” had me thinking, “what exactly do adults not understand about kids’ movies?” Please, allow me to extrapolate…

In the review, the author frequently remarked that the film was devoid of content, and somehow lacked in it’s “plot.” Later, I read a number of other reviews (likely also written by old people) that were very similar. All of these no longer young folks seemed to be of the same general opinion: Something was lacking in “Minions.”

I will try to keep this brief, because at 47 years of age, I still don’t understand curmudgeons. “Minions” was never about character development, plot, or even such lofty and scholarly pursuits as history (though the movie takes place to some extent as history unfolds.)

Whatever the motivation of the script writers (and why, exactly are we talking about them, either?) it seemed from my perspective that every child in the movie theater seemed to find the adventures of Kevin, Bob, and Stuart riotously funny and enormously entertaining.

In my humble opinion, the adventures of the three main characters were not only entertaining, but checked off all of the most important boxes required of a funny movie for children. First, there were laughs galore. This was as funny as any animated film I have ever seen, but the proof came later when my son and nephew performed parts of the movie in the back seat of the car. Which brings up another “box.” Minions had plenty of memorable moments, as when Bob takes the crown and…Sorry, almost posted a spoiler.

Anyway, in spite of the fact that this film did not feature the tear jerking moments of the previous two films, the film succeeded in pretty much every way required by children. That includes me.

If you’re looking for tons of Toys on Sale (Minions, lots of ’em!) then check out the Minion section at Amazon. They’ve featured everything from Cro-Minion to Hula Skirt Minion, to King…(whoops, almost spoiled it again!)

Finally, I just want to say that if you’re an adult, and didn’t the find the movie entertaining, do the responsible thing…take a kid with you next time!