Minion Lunch Box Combos 2 for $10!

Minions LunchboxMinions Sport Bottle

A Supa Mega Ukulele deal! Sorry, I got carried away.

Our friends at Tanga have mastered great deals on all things fun and useful (including plenty of Minion merchandise) and this one is no exception. Until they sell out (we’re guessing) they have this way cool 2-Pack of Minions Lunch Combos for just $7.99 plus $1.99 for shipping.

Basically, for $10 you’re making not one, but two kids happy every time they open it. Of course, you can also use one as a spare instead if you like. You’re getting two very nice Minion Lunchboxes for one low price after all. Put some tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a juice box in it, or perhaps a luxurious Lunchable and a small bottle of Perrier inside and they’ll snicker at the thought of the Minions trying to steal the banana you also included in there. Fun? Yup.

Fill up their included sports bottles with fruit punch, or maybe a nice vitamin enhanced water. It’s your call.

You get tow of these lunchboxes have funny Minion images (are there any that aren’t funny?) and are made of durable, BPA free plastic.

Also included are two sports bottles, also with Minions emblazoned on them, that will make your little one smile every time.