Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 128GB, 4GB RAM, i5 Haswell for $799!

Surface Pro 3Yes, there’s plenty of fun to be had with a Surface Pro 3. But if you’re doing business on it, this tablet is pretty much the one for you. And for one day, 8/18 only, Microsoft Store has dropped their price on one of them by a hefty $200! That means you’ll save on one of the best handheld PCs (“tablets” just doesn’t do the Surface Pro 3 justice) if you snag one right now. Shipping, of course, is free.

Here’s what yours comes with for just $799.00:

– Laptop replacement? Yes. Pick up a cover (sold separately) for it and you won’t need your desktop either.

– A real processor, in the form of an Intel Haswell version i5-4300U that speeds up to 2.9GHz with Turbo Boost.

– 4GB of actual RAM!

– 128GB of Solid State Drive storage.

All Surface Pro 3 models come with a beautfiul 12.5″ 1080p (2160 x 1440 resolution) Touchscreen Display, the Professional version of Windows 10, and their fantastic Surface Pen that beats the average “stylus” by miles.