Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 12″, 128GB, 4GB RAM $599.99!


This may get Apple fans in a bit of a tizzy, but the Surface tablet line from Microsoft just might be the very best on the market. Not just one iteration, but all of them. The Surface Pro in particular is, in our opinion, the best handheld device you’ll find for business related use. Don’t get mad. Get a Surface Pro.

Before we tell you about the deal, here’s an important thing to note: eBay deals rarely last for long. These are not bids, but “Buy Now” items that come and go very quickly, usually regardless of the seller. So use your best judgement while thinking about purchasing one. And snag one with some rapidity if you do.

For a limited time, alwaysdeals (at Ebay) is offering the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for just $599.99 with free shipping! Also significant is that this seller charges Sales  Tax only to New Jersey residents. The rest of you will save even more by paying only the listed price.

This version of the Surface Pro 3 employs a fast, i5-4300U laptop level quad-core 1.9GHz processor to speed through everything it does. The 12″ LCD Display is not only bright but nicely detailed with thanks to 2160 x 1440 resolution and offers exceptionally responsive touch functionality.

In addition, you’ll get 4GB of RAM, Windows 10 pre-installed, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and 128GB of Flash Storage Space. An incredibly handy Surface Pen is of course, included.