Masterbuilt 20076414 Electric Smoker for $229.99 Today!

Masterbuilt Smoker

The flavor imparted to your food by a good smoker is a thing of true beauty. The texture, when you get the time and temperature just right, is unbeatable as well. Moist meats, smoky veggies, and some amazingly intense jerky of all kinds make a smoker a really good purchase if you love food. You can vary the type of wood for more flavor, expirement with various spice rubs, and test everything under the sun for it’s ability to turn to food gold when you slow cook it with smoke. But caution my friends: As someone who’s been smoking foods for years, I must warn you that it’s a highly addictive hobby.

For 9/27, Amazon is offering the Masterbuilt 20076414 Electric Smoker (with a nice accessory pack that includes a recipe CD, gloves for carving, a hanger for your sausage and more!) for just $229.99 shipped to your door in your choice of Red or Stainless finishes. That’s the lowest we’ve ever seen for this very nice model.

– Masterbuilt gives you plenty of space with this one, including four cooking racks coated in chrome spread out to offer 721 square inches of are to place whatever you want to smoke.

– How about a wireless remote? Yes, it has one, and you can control the power, the light, and most importantly, the cooking temperature and time with it!

– Control it using a thermostat instead of guessing about the temperature, that way you get even, consistent smoking at as much as 275 degrees.

– A thermometer is built in for checking your meat.