Maglite ML100 Flashlight for $37.66!

Maglite FlashlightLiving in Southeastern Virginia, I wouldn’t even think of owning a low quality flashlight. I’ll leave those to my young son to play with. Though there are places in this country that get harder than we do by hurricanes, we get more than our share of Nor’ Easters and nasty thunderstorms. The loss of power happens often enough around here. I actually own three very good flashlights, and two of them are Maglites. One of those two is in my nightstand. It’s solid like this one, but a tad bigger and heavier. I like it that way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night over the years, turned on my Maglite, and checked everything out with more than enough light in my hand.

If you already own a Maglite, you probably already know that they make some of the very best flashlights in the business. And at the moment, Amazon has this one at an excellent price. Until 9/15, they’re selling the Maglite ML100 Flashlight for just $37.66. Shipping is free and it’s an excellent deal when you consider that others have it for at least $50. This one is a bit smaller and lighter than those I own, and that’s a good thing.

The ML100 (technically model ML100-S2015) gives you great security and a lot of bright light!

– Features like “Full Power” and “Strobe” can be personalized so that your favorite functions are the first you access.

– Machined Aluminum build (I’ve dropped both mine plenty of times and they still work great!) makes it very durable, and it’s anodized inside and out to keep the rust and corrosion off of it.

– This thing gives a beam distance of about 307 meters, shining 107 lumens worth of brightness wherever you need it.

– Comes with Lifetime Limited Warranty.

– Uses 2 “C” batteries.