Mad Max Blu-Ray Anthology for $49.99!

Mad Max pic

I just looked it up out of curiosity, and apparently the original “Mad Max” was released in 1979! Does that make anyone else feel old? It certainly makes me feel that way.

Anyway, it was a pretty groundbreaking film, with a young Mel Gibson starring as the title character. It was the beginning of a phenomenal career for him, of course, but also the start of a very successful run of sequel films for what would become the Mad Max Anthology.

The movies are fun, with tons of action, betrayal, and of course revenge. The world has witnessed an apocalypse, and a disillusioned cop named Max intends to put an end to the inhuman gangs who are inflicting great suffering on the survivors of “the bomb.” Max is dragged into the fray when tragedy befalls his family at the hands of these beastly bikers.

The rest of the series is all about vengeance. Though the titles change and twists and turns ensue, the basic story is of a policeman dragged into a war with bad guys in the dry and desolate Outback of Australia. And it’s fun. Lots of fun. Max drives a very “enhanced” motorized “buggy” built from the remains of cars that (sort of) survived the “end of the world.”

The Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, and Fury Road continued the Mad Max saga, and did so well. They never strayed from what made them extremely entertaining: gripping, intense, bloody action. Max himself is a deeper man than the title might suggest, but that’s secondary to the exciting action we see on screen.

And now you can get all of it in one glorious collection.

While it lasts, Best Buy has Mad Max Anthology (5 Disc Blu-Ray Boxed Set) for pre-order for just $49.99 with free shipping! How long it lasts at this price is anyone’s guess, as it’s going for $70 and up everywhere else we found it available. Enjoy!