Little Giant Ladder on Sale! 13 Foot for $155 Shipped! 17′ for $184.99!

Little Giant Ladder

*8/25 Update – This one day deal has ended. But don’t worry, we’ll find it again. Stay tuned…*

I have a lot to say about this incredible ladder, and I hope I don’t bore you to pieces or cause you to jump off a park bench, but I recently had occasion to use this “Little Giant” and have to tell you that it’s one of those products that’s so versatile, so well-built, and so very awesome that I just had to say a few words about it.

Recently, my Sister In Law brought this ladder over to my new house to help with pressure washing and general maintenance. We used the Little Giant in a myriad of ways. The short version is that it saved us hours of work, a bunch of struggling, and the possiblity of injury. Here are just a few quick takes on what I noticed about this ladder that you may not find in item descriptions and user reviews:

– It’s very easy to use. The Little Giant Ladder is marked with stickers in easy to see places. These tell you how to adjust it to exactly the configuration you need. Even when I was the only one near it, and a first time user, it was very easy to know what to do and what not to do (there are also safety tips “stuck” right on it.)

– I expected it to be heavier. With all the adjustments you can make to it, the Little Giant is surprisingly light.

– The number of possible configuration options is very generous. We used it down low to pressure wash the garage doors, then extended it with a couple of pops of the large turn knobs at the top to pressure wash the top of the house, then used it inside as a step ladder to add more energy efficient bulbs to our light fixtures. In all, the Little Giant offers a whopping 24 different possible configurations!

Anyway, the Little Giant is a beast. I can’t tell you how well it works, you just have to get one for yourself. Luckily, the price is right today.

Get the Little Giant Multipurpose Ladder in your choice of 13′ (for $149.99) or 17′ (for $179.99) versions on sale at Woot while they have them in stock. Shipping is just $5 whichever you choose, or even you grab one of each. These typically sell for at least $200 each and as much as $250 at other sellers. We think it’s a hot price when you consider just how incredibly well this amazing ladder does it’s job. Actually, make that all of it’s many jobs.