Little Giant Alta One Ladders on Sale Today!

Little Giant Alta

I own just two ladders, but I’ve had cheaper models in the past. Buying both of them turned out to be very smart decisions. One of those is an insanely durable Werner step ladder which I use to change the lower hanging bulbs in the house and do other small jobs, and the other is the 17″ model you’ll find in this excellent one day deal.

Simply put, the Little Giant Ladder is so versatile you’ll never want to give it up. You can juxtapose it in myriad ways to suit the job you’re doing, and it’s quite easy to do. It’s very well built and can take a serious amount of abuse. Mine has paint stains, nicks and bumps from some pretty tough jobs, but works exactly the way it did when I bought it a few years ago.

For 4/3, Amazon is offering the Little Giant Alta One Ladder at great prices in your choice of 17 or 22 foot models at fantastic prices. Both ship free of charge.

  • Little Giant 14013-104 17 Foot Ladder for $167.00
  • Little Giant 14016-104 22 Foot Ladder for $216.33

– Super stable thanks to wide legs to give you balance.
– Long lasting aluminum similar to that used in aircraft construction.
– Can be used as an A-frame, in 90 degree position, or in a variety of scaffolding positions.