LG 55LF6100 55″ 120Hz 1080p LED Smart HDTV $598!

LG 55LF6100 HDTV 2If you want to learn more about this set, you’ll find plenty of reviews out there. As always, many of them are at Amazon, where you’ll find an average review score of 4.6 stars out of a maximum of 5 after more than 200 customers have weighed in. That’s one of the highest scores we’ve seen there on ANY 2015 model with similar specifications. This price is the lowest we have seen for this model since it’s release earlier in the year.

Get the LG 55LF6100 55″ 120Hz 1080p LED Smart HDTV at BuyDig for $597.99 with free shipping. No expiration date is available anywhere we could find. If you order from anywhere other than New York or New Jersey, you’ll receive additional savings by paying no sales tax on your purchase there. They are also including two free HDMI cables with your TV. It’s a model I’ve seen up close, and there’s a lot to like about it.

A lovely 1080p picture is just the beginning, as this model looks sharp right out of the box. A gray looking bezel you’ll hardly notice blends well with the panel. Mine is similar and I often forget it’s there. Most importantly the images are beautiful.

Direct LED backlighting has become a staple on LG sets, and it keeps your background properly lit with great consistency across the panel. A 120Hz Trumotion refresh rate enhancement works quite well, and keeps blur and lack of color from being an issue when things are moving frantically on the screen in action flicks or sporting events.

Built in WiFi makes it easy to surf the web via the included web browser, stream content from one your favorite providers (Hulu, Netflix and many others are supported), and you can do most of it by simply using the voice recognition feature.

One last, but important note: Though most TVs are not meant to sound spectacular because they’re made for pairing with a soundbar or Home Theater System, most LG sets sound better out of the box than most any other brand we’ve heard. Two channel audio, along with Dolby Digital and DTS recording, and a Virtual Surround Plus feature that works quite well, make this one sound better too.