LG 55LF6000 55″ 1080p LED HDTV for $499.99!

55LF6000 1

First of all, I would have bought this exact model if wasn’t for my wife. After a great deal of negotiation we settled (actually, she decided that I could settle for) the 50″ version. Now, I love my TV (see my review here on the site) and wouldn’t dream of loving another. But was 5″ more that big of deal, honey?

In all seriousness, this line from LG is getting some very good reviews for having one of the best pictures in it’s price range. The 55LF6000 and it’s excellent colors, wide viewing angle, and willingness to be calibrated are garnering high praise for folks in the know and owners of this lovely TV alike. I can tell you one thing: I wouldn’t trade mine (in spite of it’s size disadvantage) for any TV in this price range.

While it lasts, eBay via topelectronicsdeals (a 99.2% Positive Feedback Seller) is offering the LG 55LF6000 55″ 1080p LED HDTV for a lowest we’ve seen price of just $499.99 with free shipping. That’s a fantastic price considering the quality, and even moreso when you look around the web and see that is the only place selling it for less than $660 today!

– One thing I mentioned in my review was that this TV and it’s IPS (In Plane Switching) Display handles off center viewing very well. I’m sitting at about 20 degrees off center as my son plays MLB The Show 2015 and I can see it as well as he can. Bright colors, no loss of detail, the 55LF6000 makes it hard to find a “bad seat.”

– The presets are excellent, with on the fly adjustments thanks to presets like Cinema, News and more. The Standard setting is great if you want realisting viewing without overly bright color.

– I watched “War” with Jason Statham and Jet Li a couple of days ago. It’s one of the most “actiony” of all action movies in existence, and things rarely stood still during the film. If there was any motion blur happening on the screen during fast motion, I did not see it. The 120Hz Refresh Rate seems to handle movement (hello, sports fans!) brilliantly.

– Direct LED Backlighting is also something LG has gotten quite good at, and this set keeps a consitently well-lit picture.