LG 50LF6000 50″ 1080p Full HD LED TV for $429.99! *HOT!*

LG 50LF6000*11/17 – The listing below has expired. Stay tune for a new deal as soon as we find it.*

*9/13 Update: This one is still in stock so take advantage! If you want to read a little about it, check out my review of the 50LF6000 here. Of note its that it’s still going for $500-$550 at other sellers.*

Having purchased this model just a month or so ago (my massive, four part review is posted here on the site) I strongly recommend you take a look at this set, and this fantastic 50LF6000 deal.

Here are a few notes I thought might be useful regarding the 50LF6000.

I’m in love with the picture. This model does not offer smart functionality, but I wasn’t looking for it. I have both a Roku 3 and an Apple TV, but on this set I’m using the Playstation 3 for streaming. It’s always worked well for me and I saw no reason to change that. The smaller streamers are being used elsewhere in the house. However, I did “test” the Roku on it just for fun, and of as always, it worked in it’s usually flawless manner.

I purchased the 50LF6000 because of the excellent comments I had read and heard regarding the ability of the set to display gorgeous images. Those words were spot on, as the more I watch the 50LF6000, the more I love it. I’ve fiddled with the settings a bit, making a few slight adjustments, but for many folks the presets will be enough. You also have the option to adjust audio presents, with plenty of options available there as well.

What I liked most about this LG HDTV is that you get all the color you want without the “cartoon effect” you get with some sets. The colors look real, unlike the unnatural colors you see on other sets that appear to have come from an animators palette. “Lifelike” is an overused term in the industry, but it might actually be accurate when describing this and a number of other recent sets from LG.

One final thing I will point out is that the 50LF6000 (and it’s big sister, the 55LF6000) offers only two HDMI inputs. One is available in a row on the flat back of the set, while the other is in an indentation on the right side of the back. A wall mount is likely to cover the input in the middle, leaving only one accessible HDMI input. If you intend to mount it, you’ll have to decide whether you can make do with just one input. Alternatively, many sites offer a handy splitter that will efficiently turn that one available input into 3. Amazon offers this well-reviewed HDMI Splitter for less than $10 if you’re not sure where to look.

Finally, I have to say that I”m quite impressed with the price in this 50LF6000 deal. With most selling it for $550, and with this price being $20 less than the lowest we have ever seen for this 2015 model, it has to be called a hot deal.

Ebay and Adorama are offering the LG 50LF6000 50″ 1080p Full HD LED TV for just $429.99! With free shipping and the quality of this set, it’s a truly great chance to get a great display at a very low price. You’ll see the price during checkout as long as it’s available. Highly recommended at this price.