LG 34UM57 34″ WFHD Ultrawide Monitor with IPS now $369!

LG 34UM57 Monitor*10/4 Update – Wow! Our friends at BuyDig have swooped in and offered an ever better deal on this one! They now have the 34UM57 for a very hot price of $369.00 after promo code GM130 with free shipping and no rebate to mail in.*

This one is at the best price anywhere by at least $80 even BEFORE you get your rebate money back! More importantly, it’s a stunning display with superior technical specifications that will give you an eye-popping viewing experience time after time.

With no mention of an expiration date, Adorama is offering the LG 34UM57 34″ WFHD Ultrawide Monitor with IPS for $405.00 with free shipping included. A $25 mail in rebate you’ll see on the landing page means you’ll get $25 of that back with this exclusive money back offer. Once you get that money, you’ll have incurred an exceptionally low final shipped cost of just $380.00!

The 34UM57 offers a very cool ultrawide design, with 21:9 display aspect ratio that makes it perfect for things like racing games. Thier FreeSync feature (which keeps nasty things like stuttering and tearing away) makes it fast too, so that cars (or anything!) won’t look blurry. IPS technology that they’ve become exceptionally good at makes this LG monitor beautiful no matter where you’re sitting. Great color reproduction includes coverage of more than 99% of the sRGB space for color.

Spectacular 2560 x 1080 resolution will make games like “Madden” look more real than ever, and the 34UM57 will handle any action you throw at it. Again, thought the listing is valid until 10/15, this one could sell out rather faster than that.

This beauty also allows you to split the screen four ways, and view different things on each. We like that because you have plenty of real estate to view each of those images well. A pair of HDMI ports are available to you for plenty of high defintion connectivity, along with a single DisplayPort.