Lenovo Z41 Laptop, Broadwell i7, AMD Radeon 2GB, Hybrid Drive for $799!

Lenovo Z41 Laptop*2/14 Update – Expired.*

This one is rather loaded, and at a much lower than “loaded” price. Lenovo is offering their very well-equipped Z41 Laptop for very low price of $799.00 with free shipping. All you have to do is add the model that shows this price on the item page (it already assumes you’ll use the coupon) and enter promo code WIN10SPECIAL in your cart after you add the gorgeous Z41 to it. Shipping is free and considering just how nice this Windows 10 laptop is, we like the price a lot!

It’s Lenovo model 80K5005GUS if you’re keeping score at home, and it comes with some very serious specs that will have you gaming, watching movies, and hopping around the web like a speedy panther! (Sorry about the animal reference, I was just watching “Madagascar” with my son.)

It it’s speed you want, the dual-core i7-5500U processor from Intel will give you plenty of that. The Z41 boasts a 2.4GHz quickness using this Broadwell version brain, with a very swift 3.0GHz when Turbo Boost kicks in. Of course, it’s equipped with Windows 10, a surprisingly good operating system that works quite well in our opinion, and is receiving excellent reviews around the web.

The Z41 here also offers discrete graphics, with R7 M360 2GB Radeon of it from AMD. Paired with the very pretty 1920 x 1080 Antiglare LED Backlit 14″ display, the pictures you’ll see are beautiful.

Memory is supplied in a very generous amount here, with a whopping 16GB of DDR3L 1600 MHz PC3-12800 of it so you can put any thought of ever needing to upgrade out of your mind.

A drive with the size of an HDD and the speed of an SSD gives you plenty of space thanks to 1TB and 8GB respectively.

Of course Bluetooth 4.0 is on board, as is the fast new standard for WiFi of 802.11AC dual band wireless.

A one year warranty from Lenovo is included with the Z41 as well.