Lenovo X1 ThinkPad Carbon 14″ WQHD Touch Ultrabook w/i5, 128GB SSD for $779.99!

Lenovo Carbon Ultrabook

*Sold out.*

*9/16 Update: If you’ve even considered getting one of these spectacular laptops, now would be a great time. They’ve dropped the price to a lowest ever $779.99 shipped! You’ll also pay sales only if you order from New York or New Jersey. Otherwise, you’ll save on that as well!*

It weighs in at an official all time low price of just $799.99! That’s a hot price for their gorgeous X1 Ultrabook and a new low for this configuration! You even get the 3 year warranty from Lenovo, the same you would get if you purchased it directly at their site. The deal is listed as valid until 9/1.

Adorama (at Ebay) is offering the Lenovo X1 ThinkPad Carbon 14″ WQHD Touch Ultrabook for just $799.99 with free shipping!

The X1 is a stud, with truly great specs that you’ll be hard press to find on another machine near this price point. It sells for about $950 at most other sites, and it’s hard to say it wouldn’t be a decent purchase even at that price. Here are just some of the excellent specs you’ll get with your new Lenovo X1 ThinkPad Carbon 14″ WQHD Touch Ultrabook:

– A lightweight design that’s also tough, thanks to Carbon Fiber construction.

– Spectacular visuals thanks to 2560 x 1440 resolution on an IPS Panel that’s built to keep glare away. It’s great for business use, but those pretty pictures will make you fall in love no matter what you watch on your X1. 10 point multi touch allows you to easily tap the screen to get where you want.

– A i5-4300U 4th Generation Haswell version Dual-Core processor running at up to 2.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost makes applications quick and smooth to load.

– 4GB of DDR3 memory is installed when you get it and a 128GB Solid State Drive reduces loading times for videos, pics and files by a ton over HDDs.

– Built to military specs for durability and more rugged than your standard laptop by a bunch!

– Less than 1″ thick.

– The “smart” keyboard adapts to the app your using by changing the order of function keys for each.

– Windows 8.1 is installed on it, but you can upgrade to 10 or “downgrade” to Windows 7 free of charge when you get it.

– Uses Lenovo RapCharge technology to very quickly get up to 80% charged in less than 60 minutes.

– Your fingerprint is your password. Awesome!