Lenovo Touch-15ISK Ideapad 80NW Signature Edition Gaming Laptop w/i7 Skylake for $1249!

Lenovo Touch-15ISK Laptop

*7/26 Update: Out of stock, at least for now.*

Just a few years ago, we often remarked on the fact that the best deals we found were rarely on the higher end gaming laptops. Like all things, the market has changed. We’re finally seeing very good offers on some of the best portable machines used for gaming, and from a variety of brands. Some of the very best prices we’ve seen in this sector are from our Microsoft who, in case you weren’t aware, sells a great selection of laptops and desktops, with the only qualification necessary being that they are all Windows based.

With no expiration date listed, our friends at Microsoft Store feature the Lenovo Touch-15ISK Ideapad 80NW Signature Edition Gaming Laptop for a low $1,249.00. It ships to you at no extra cost at the lowest price we’ve seen yet for this very well equipped model, and $250 off it’s regular price, which is where most others have kept it.

This beast is part of their Y700 laptop series, known for it’s speed and versatility. It’s a “Signature Edition” PC, which means that Microsoft offers it with no trialware or junkware included, and configured with speed in mind.

A beautiful, 4K capable touchscreen with 10 finger support and 15.6″ of viewing real estate.

Great graphics are also included, with GTX 960M NVIDIA GeForce with it’s own 4GB of memory so you don’t suck up the regular memory, making for fast streaming and beautiful images even when you’re playing action games on it.

An Intel 6th generation i7-6700HQ Skylake processor speeds up to a blazing 3.5 GHz, offering plenty of power for gaming or whatever else you do with it.

For multitasking you’ll enjoy 16GB of speedy DDR4 memory running at 2133 MHz onboard when you get it.

Forget slow load speeds, because this one uses a 256GB solid state drive that makes practically everything you do faster and smoother than older laptops.

Perhaps the most popular version of Windows ever produced (Windows 10) is installed.

Your laptop can also control the heat of gaming, using thermal fans that kick out the heat so it doesn’t slow down or (gasp!) damage your machine.

For great audio, the Touch-15ISK uses Dolby and JBL as partners to make your games and music sound awesome as well.