Lenovo Flex 3 14″ 1080p 2 in 1 Laptop, Broadwell i7-5500U, 1TB HDD, Hybrid Drive $699.99!

Lenovo Flex 3*11/14 Update: Sadly, this one’s expired.*

With the new Skylake processor out on the market and powering new laptops, the price of models with Broadwell processors is coming down. That’s making for some great bargains like this one, with this $900 laptop marked down by a bunch!

While it lasts, Ebay (with Adorama the more than reputable seller) is offering the Lenovo Flex 3 14″ 1080p 2 in 1 Laptop with very nice specs for just $699.99! With free shipping, that’s an all time low for us in this configuration of their popular Flex 3 machine.

Lenovo Model 80JK0015US:

– A pretty, 1080p touchscreen uses anti-glare so your eyes don’t get quite as tired, while looking lovely in the process.

– Broadwell version i7-5500U dual-core proccesor from Intel with 2.4GHz speed and 3.0GHz with Turbo Boost.

– 8GB of RAM will have you scooting around at your own multitasking discretion.

– A hybrid drive with 8GB of Solid State Hard Drive and 1TB of Hard Disk Drive space offers both speed and plenty of storage space.

– At less than an inch thin and weighing about 4.4 pounds it’s ultraportable.

– Their Flip and Fold design means you can use it as a laptop or tablet, but also stand it up as a standing monitor in tent style!

– Windows 8.1 is on it when you get it, but you can easily install Windows 10 (upgrading is free) just as soon as it arrives at your door. The entire process took me less than 5 minutes.