LEGO Technic Black Champion 42026 Racer Model Kit for $12.99!

Lego Race Car

This great Lego Kit comes with something most of the others don’t…It actually moves! Yes, without your imagination required (though it never hurts with Legos!) this one scoots when you tell it to. Just tug on the pull back motor and off it races! Pair it with other sellers and zoom down the track. More features…

–  Out of 5 possible stars, this Lego Technic Race Car receives 4.7 stars in Amazon reviews!

– For the little (or big, it’s cool) mechanic the Technic models come with the cool, motor style Lego parts that challenge your brain. Once your done, pull the string to get him to move, and fast.

– Race car body shape makes this Lego great to look at.

– Chrome, black and orange decals make it look like a real, way cool dragster.

– It’s 9 inches long and over 2 inches tall.

Amazon has the LEGO Technic Black Champion 42026 Racer Model Kit for a lowest ever price of just $12.99 while it lasts! As usual, it ships free with orders of over $35, or Free if you have a Prime Membership. It probably won’t last long.