LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Building Set $54.90!

LEGO Cantina

*11/3 Update: At the moment it’s down to $54.90 with free shipping!*

How much do we love LEGO toys? Quite a bit. Some of us here at BFC have school age children, and none of us could be classified as “wealthy”, which means we’re always looking for great deals on them. We love this one because it’s about $14 less than we could find anywhere else, but most of all because you can use it to create one of the best scenes in any Star Wars Movie. LEGO + Star Wars? YES!

Amazon has the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Building Set (model 75052) for just $55.75 while it lasts. Shipping is free and if you don’t remember the scene, here’s a quick summary:

With some pretty intriguing (actually a bit odd) music being offered by perhaps the strangest looking “band” in the history of the galaxy, Luke Skywalker enter the cantina. Strangely, this galactic dive bar doesn’t serve droids, in spite of the very strange characters they ARE serving. Seriously, George Lucas must have had some serious fun with this one. Luke is approached by some bullies whom he handles with aplomb and a bit of help from our friend Obi-Wan (with Chewbacca following closely behind.) They’re all there looking for Han Solo, who is about to have a BIG problem named Jabba…

Anyway, about the Cantina set from LEGO:

– Fantastic reviews at Amazon and everywhere else.

– Han and Greed are included, because they’re about to face one anohter…

– You get all of the characters mentioned above, plus a Sand tropper, and three of the members of the very odd band.

– Plenty of fun weapons are included, like blaster rifles, light sabers, and three blasters.

– The cantina itself is of course in the box, and a land speeder is too.