LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier for $96.20!

Star Wars Lego

Please don’t tweet this (you’re welcome to tweet the deal, just leave my name out of it please), but I would be perfectly happy to get this for Christmas myself. I mean, Lego + Star Wars plus the badness of the Empire as they try to eliminate the rebels once and for all? What do you mean it’s “just a toy?”

All it takes to combine the words “Lego” and “Star Wars” to get my attention. They’re making so many of them it’s hard to keep up, but our favorites of course are the big ones like this, representing characters and machines that are integral parts of the movies, TV shows, books, in this case the animated series and whatever… Oh, and I have about a dozen in my garage that I’m “saving for my son.” He’ll get them. Eventually…

While it lasts, Amazon is offering a beyond awesome Lego Star Wars deal on the Imperial Assault Carrier for just $96.20. With free shipping, that’s the best price we could find by about $34. It’s made for slightly older kids (the box says 9-14 but I would extend that to 9-47 if it were up to me. Anyway, it’s a hot price on a pretty awesome machine that will have me (and children, of course) playing for days and days in an imaginary battle between good and evil…

This bad boy comes with lots of goodies…

– It’s big, because it’s meant to transport Tie Fighters to the nearest collection of rebels to try and eliminate those pesky folks.

– Of course the Imperial Assault Vehicle can protect itself, what with it’s shooters (two of them – spring loaded for firing fun) then rearm by using the extra ammo it carries on board.

– The fuselage is detachable with plenty of space inside for arms, ammo and supplies.

– A pair of Tie fighters are already attached, and can fly off at any moment in search of insurgents.

– The Carrier itself is about 18″ long, 8″ wide and roughly 5″ tall.