LEGO model 75104 Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle $99!

Lego Kylo Ren ShuttleIf you’ve been here before, you might already know how much we love toys like this. You get to learn to build things, or maybe get better at it, and have even more fun when you’re done by pretending you’re right in the middle of the “galaxy far, far away…”

While it lasts, Walmart is offering the LEGO model 75104 Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle for $99.00. It ships free of charge and at the lowest price we’ve seen yet for this awesome model.

There’s a lot to do with this one. The shuttle opens in the front, bottom and rear bays, making space for plenty of accessories like Kylo’s Lightsaber, pistols, helmets, electrobinoculars and more. The toy itself measures more than 11″ in height when the wings are extended. The weapon racks can be removed and refilled, and you’ll fire shooters that are spring-loaded. The scenes you’re recreating are from the “Force Awakens” making it the perfect gift for a young fan of this great series.