LEGO (42037) Technic Formula Off-Roader $45.99

lego Technic Formula Off-Roader sale

My son loves anything Lego and to be honest with you, so do I. I’d rather see him use his brain and build something cool with these pieces then sit in front of the Xbox all day and night. This LEGO Technic Formula Off-Roader has only 12 reviews at Amazon, but all are 5 stars!

This set features a very cool firm chassis, hinged cab cage, awesome vertical exhaust pipes, and large roof-mounted spotlights and a detailed 4-cylinder engine.

This Lego Sale at Amazon won’t last long so grab this LEGO Technic Formula Off-Roader while it’s on sale. Lowest price + free shipping and very good reviews.

LEGO (42037) Technic Formula Off-Roader $45.99