LeapPad3 for $49.99, LeapPad Platinum $69.99 Today!

LeapPad 3It’s funny, but when you put something like this in their hands, you realize that children not only enjoy learning this way, but actually love the process. My nieces each had one (an older model) as did my son (now a teenager) and we could hear him “playing” with it in his room, scoring points while playing math games or getting better with his vowels, all while Diego and a Llama entertained him. Basically, these things actually teach them something, quite a bit with our kids.

For 12/10, Amazon is offering low prices on two excellent LeapPad tablets from Leapfrog.

  • LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Tablet, Green or Purple for $49.99.

Uses their learning games, of course but also allows them to go on the web. No worries, it employs Wi-Fi to take them only to pre-approved sites made for fun, educational use. A 5″ display is bright and easy to see.

  • LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Learning Tablet, Purple or Green $64.99

A 7″ display with higher resolution makes for even better visuals. 8GB of memory along with two cameras and video recording capability makes it very fun to use.