Klipsch Reference Premier Speakers 20% Off!

Klipsch Reference Speakers

I’m addicted to great sound. You know the guy sitting on the couch in the “sound room” at your local big box store? That’s me. I love running the speakers through their paces, and really listening. Too many times we listen to music from small, underpowered devices, which is better than nothing, but in my opinion doesn’t do justice to the original recording of most properly made music.

If you’re like me, and truly love exceptional sound, these gorgeous speakers from Klipsch are worth a long look, and an even longer listen. Klipsch Reference line speakers are simply spectacular. The look, design and most especially the sound are worth the money, because of the hours of absolute listening pleasure you’re in for when you use them properly.

Until 10/31, World Wide Stereo has marked down some of the best Klipsch Reference Premier Speakers by 20%. Shipping is free and once again, we highly recommend you check them out. On the same landing page, you’ll also find custom packages that are frankly spectacular, with complete systems packaged into money saving deals in case you’re looking for perfection right out of the box. No promo code is necessary to get any of the very nice prices in this Klipsch Sale.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous, fantastic sounding Klipsch speakers you can choose from, marked down nicely…

Klipsch RP-150M Reference Premiere Monitor Speakers With 5.25″ Cerametallic Cone Woofer in cherry or ebony – $500.00 $400.00 Each.

Klipsch RP-160M Reference Premiere Monitor Speakers With 6.5″ Cerametallic Cone in your choice of cherry or ebony – $600.00 $480.00 Each.

Klipsch RP-250C Reference Premiere Center Channel Speaker With Dual 5.25″ Cerametallic Cone Woofers in cherry or ebony – $450.00 $360.00.

Klipsch RP-450C Reference Premiere Center Channel Speaker with Quad 5.25 inch Cerametallic Cone Woofers – cherry or ebony $650.00 $520.00.