Kingston SV300S37A 120GB SSDNow Solid State Drive $44.99!

Kingston SSD Now 120GBAt the best price we’ve seen yet and $1 less than the “regular” price for the 60GB model, there’s plenty of value here. The fact that it’s a great little drive and an inexpensive upgrade to your machine makes it an excellent deal.

With a listing expiring on 2/2/16, Amazon offers the Kingston SV300S37A 120GB SSDNow Solid State Drive for just $44.99 with free shipping.

With no moving parts it’s much more reliable than a typical Hard Drive, but the biggest plus of an SSD is it’s speed. This one achieves speeds 10x the typical drive running at 7200RPM. The LSI Sandforce controller is tweaked just for Kingston, and it’s made to work perfectly with the newest flash memory on the market. It’s also shock-proof and made to last, and in addition keeps it’s cool while it’s running so you don’t have to worry about your data burning up.