Kindle for Kids Bundle $99!

Kindle For Kids

What you get in the box is a reader. No, not the device, but a kid who enjoys reading. That’s really saying something in this day and age of handheld toys, a million channels on your HDTV, and the temptation kids have to do anything other than read.

Until 10/18, Amazon is offering this Kindle for Kids Bundle for just $99.00 with free shipping. Considering everything that comes with it, and the fact that Kindles are always worth more (at least in our opinion) than even their regular prices because of how much they do, it’s a bargain that we think is worth your attention if you want your child to read well.

Here’s what you get in this rather comprehensive Kindle for Kids Bundle:

– The latest Kindle with no adds that regularly sells for $99 on it’s own. There are no screensavers from sponsors on the screen, and it offers a charge from the battery that lasts not for hours, but for weeks. If you’re worried about what is being read on it, the parental controls are among the best in the business. Use Kindle FreeTime on it, and your child can see how much progress their making as a reader. The excellent Vocabulary Builder helps them to learn newer, bigger, smarter words. You can also use Word Wise and see short definition of words just by scrolling over them on the screen.

– A cover that’s kid friendly in your choice of five colors. It’s light, and textured on the back to help them hold it. The design allows access to everything you need while protecting the Kindle itself.

– An extended 2 year warranty that every parent should appreciate. It includes coverage against accidental issues like dropping it in water, on the floor, or asking the family pet to chew on it.