Kindle Books and How to get them For Less!

Kindle Books

So you have a Kindle. Congratulations. Whichever model you chose, you’ll positively love the way it works. But with Amazon, it is and always has been all about the content. Yes, you can watch movies with most Kindles, play games and access all sorts of other stuff too. But the whole idea behind their Kindle is reading. Which means they have books. Lots, and lots of books.

Whether you’re looking for a mystery novel, a great biography, a steamy romance, or a thick textbook (though when you download a book it’s much “thinner”) Amazon surely has something you want to read. But oh, that pesky price gets in the way sometimes.

The good news is that Kindle Books are often available on sale. They come with pretty aggressive discounts on a fairly regular basis, whether in a daily, weekly, or monthly deal. But Amazon is a massive site, with many millions of products spread out on all sorts of pages (more than 3.5 million ebooks are among them). So where do you find these Kindle Book deals without spending hours browsing?

One of the best places to start is the Kindle Book Deal Page. Here you’ll find Books separated in categories, beginning their Daily Kindle deals. Scroll down and you’ll start seeing low price books separated by genre. The first 8 books are listed, and you’ll see more when you click on the the arrow on either side.

What kind of deals are they? What’s on sale? We’re glad you’re so curious. It’s a sign of intelligence. Take a look on what we found today (9/10) so you can get a good idea of the types of savings you’ll find there. They don’t just put unpopular books, or authors you haven’t heard in there. Many of these are very popular, and often critically acclaimed books in Kindle format. The books in the sale will change. The Kindle Book deals will still be great.

Religion & Spirituality Books on Kindle for $3.99 or Less

  • Home to Harmony (A Harmony Novel Book 1) by Philip Gully – $1.99
  • You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. Kindle Edition by Ben Carson M.D – $1.99
  • Thunder of Heaven: A Joshua Jordan Novel (The End Series Book 2) Kindle Edition by Tim LaHaye – $1.99

Literary Fiction on Kindle for $3.99 or Less

  • Sparrow Migrations by Cari Noga – $1.99
  • Dunaway’s Crossing by Nancy Brandon – $1.99
  • Bloodchild: And Other Stories by Octavia E. Butler – $2.99

Featured Sci-Fi & Fantasy Kindle Books for $1.99

  • Seed by Ania Ahlborn – $1.99
  • Revelations by Paul Antony Jones – $1.99
  • While the Savage Sleeps by Andrew E. Kaufman – $1.99

Kindle Mystery & Thriller Deals for $3.99 or Less

  • If She Only Knew by Lisa Jackson – $1.99
  • If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon – $1.99
  • Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls) by Melinda Leigh – $1.99
  • True Detective (Nathan Heller Novels)by Max Allan Collins – $1.99