Kidkraft 2-in-1 LEGO and Train Activity Table for $87.95!

Lego TableIf I got something like this on Christmas day, I might have fainted when I unwrapped it. It combines two of my favorite toy pastimes of my childhood (LEGOs and trains!) in one, very fun piece of toy filled furniture.

Ending on 9/30, Amazon has the Kidkraft 2-in-1 LEGO and Train Activity Table in Espresso for just $87.95 with free shipping.

This one is, in a word, awesome. It’s sturdy and made of wood, and offers hours of fun and imaginative play. You know how these tables eventually get pushed to the side because the child finally has enough of playing with just one type of toy? Not a problem here.

This Kidkraft 2 in 1 table gets very good reviews at the site, and offers a double sided board, one for playing with the included 30 piece train set, and another for playing with the 200 LEGO compatible blocks that are include as well!

Imagine their boredom disappear, as they get tired of the trains, flip the table and create hundreds of fun new toys by attaching and positioning the blocks! It will keep them busy for hours.