Kano Pixel Kit for $69.99!

It’s hard to call them learning toys, because they’re so interactive that it’s easier to think of them more as “high-tech for kids.” Amazon other things, you adjust them yourself, and figure out on your own and figure out how your methodology affects the outcome. Wait, did I just say that? I must be getting old.

Anyway, Amazon offers the Kano Pixel Kit for a low price of $69.99 at the moment. That matches the lowest price we see anywhere for this cool “toy” (really, it’s hard to call it that) from their vaunted and very popular 2017 Holiday Toy List.

Kano continues to offer devices that teach value skills like coding, and this one is no exception. What does the Pixel Kit do?

It gives you projects that teach you to use code to create your own games, apps and even original artwork. Step by step you’ll control 128 LED lights in 16 million total colors to “paint” your own creations. You even get a built in light show and control of your audio! All of this is achieved by following simple instructions that make it fun rather than tedious.


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