JBL Voyager Speaker $99.95!

JBL Voyager Speaker*11/18 Update – Expired.*

The next best price we see for it is about $130 (it’s almost sold out there), and the rest are at about $150 for this very nice JBL soundpiece. This is what they do at NewEgg Flash. You get a hot deal, for a very limited time, so you have to decide quickly.

The Voyager is an excellent speaker for your dollar, from a company that’s known for great “bang for the buck” value in speakers, combining good power with portability and ease of use, and at the moment, the JBL Voyager Speaker comes in at the hot price of just $99.95 with free shipping. The listing gives this deal until 10/6, and we hope that turns out to be correct.

The Voyager gets very good reviews everywhere, thanks to it’s excellent sound, but also for a really great design. The speaker is wireless, and detachable from the system. That leaves a dock that uses a subwoofer with plenty of clear, deep punch, drivers with full-range and again it’s awesome looking!

It runs with Bluetooth so you can stream without wires from any enabled devices, uses a battery you can recharge, and also allows you plug in from an auxiliary input.