JayBird BlueBuds Bluetooth X Sport Headphones for $89.99!

Jaybird HeaphonesCool headphones and a price that’s at least $34 better than anyone else we know of. Get the JayBird BlueBuds Bluetooth X Sport Headphones (in Storm White color for just $89.99 shipped from Amazon while they have them at this low price!

Who needs wires? Not the Jaybird X Sport. It connects via Bluetooth for completely wireless connectivity, and uses a Bluetooth code written by the company (they call it “Shift Premium”) to sound better than others in it’s class. This reduces white noise and leaves nothing but clear, crisp audio. A feature called Signalplus keeps the signal from dropping, skipping or sounding bad as you move the device you’re connecting to around.

The X Sport fits comfortable and the cord can be lifted off of your neck for comfort as well, especially useful for when you’re wearing it during physical activity. The design is also versatile, as you can wear them in ear or clipped over ear depending on how you want to listen.