I want a Nintendo Switch for Christmas!

*Since the Switch is so popular, we’ll try and update this post often so you’ll know where to get it!*

Sure you do. Everyone I know does. But where to you find the Nintendo Switch in stock?

Amazon has it in their Holiday Toy List. We see the console bundle with a Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con for $357.00 at the moment. The version with Gray Joy-Con is $356.95. Those prices can and will change, probably very soon. The Super Mario Odyssey Edition is going in and out of stock and has been as high as $498.00. Again, check there often as we expect drops.

Currently, eBay (via a variety of sellers, including Best Buy and Toys R Us) has the Splatoon 2 Edition Console with Neon Green and Pink Joy-Cons for $449.99. The Zelda Breath of the Wild Game plus Switch Console is bundled for together for $429.99 as well.