Husky HDK1008 4 Tool Air Tool Kit $79.99!

If you have to work, we say you should a least get some great tool deals so you can get it done and get back to your NFL watching. Sorry, but we’re really excited about the start of the season!

Anyway, the Husky HDK1008 4 Tool Air Tool Kit is on sale at Home Depot for an excellent price! Get yours for just $79.99 shipped and you’ll be back to the couch in no time. This set goes for $108 at Amazon and other places, and gives you the four most useful tools for getting the job done.

The HDK1008 offers tools that meet industrial standards. You get an impact wrench, a ratchet, a hammer and a die grinder (all run by air) in addition to a number of great attachments and accessories. Snag your for the lowest price we’ve ever seen while they have it in stock!