Husky HDK00600SG HVLP and Standard Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit $64.98!

Husky Spray KitWith others selling it for $80 or more, this deal on one of the best spray kits you can buy in it’s class is a good one. Home Depot has dropped their price on the Husky HDK00600SG HVLP and Standard Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit to just $64.98! With free shipping, that’s the lowest we’ve ever seen for this excellent and useful painting tool. The only place we could find that had this one for the same price had it for a USED version. It’s that good a price.

They’ve always been one of our favorites when we’re looking for hot tool deals, but this year they’ve really out done themselves. We’re seeing deal after deal on some of the best brands in the business of tool making, you know, like this one.

The HDK00600SG is a winner, with a hefty average review score of 4.7 stars out of 5 after more than 30 customer scores. If gives you a perfect paint job thanks to features like needles made of stainless steel, precise air caps, controls that are at the back of the gun so that both lefties and right-handers can use it with equal ease. More features…

– 2 paint cups in 120 and 600 cc.

– A trigger pull that’s super comfy.

– Pneumatic, easy to use sprayers with 30 settings available.

– It comes in a blow molded case in which each piece fits perfectly with no moving around.

– If you’re not happy with your purchase, they give you 90 days to return it, and it’s covered by a generous two year warranty even after that.