HP ENVY Phoenix 850se Gaming Desktop for $980!

HP Envy Phonix 850SE Desktop

Did you know that some experts are predicting an upsurge of desktop PCs in the future? True story. There are things you get with having a solid, reliable machine in your home or office, including the option to customize more specs (choose your display!) and make it truly your machine.

For a limited time, HP is offering their own HP ENVY Phoenix 850se Gaming Desktop PC with some pretty fantastic features for $979.99 shipped when you enter promo code SPRING2016 in your cart during checkout. That’s more than $200 off it’s regular price for this well equipped machine.

Though in many ways it’s a true gaming machine, it does many things well. A fast “brain” makes it great for other labor intensive taskes, and it loads fast too with a nice solid state drive and plenty of memory. Some of it’s best technical specifications include:

  • Eight cores of processing paths and an i7-5820K Haswell version processor that reaches up to 3.3GHz with Turbo Boost, along with overclocking ability make it a truly speedy machine.
  • A whopping 12GB of memory (DDR4-2133 DIMM) and room to add 4GB more offers more than ample multitasking ability for opening multiple windows whenever you feel like it.
  • A large, 7200 RPM hard disk drive with 1TB of space gives you room for files, games, music and more.
  • Your images will pop thanks to the Radeon R9 370 GDDR5 FH GFX graphics from AMD on board.
  • An HP Keyboard and mouse (wired) are included but you can upgrade to wireless or buy your own separately if you choose.
  • A multi DVD burner is on board this model, but it can be upgraded to a Blu-Ray reader or writer at the site at additional cost.
  • Four USB ports (2 each of 2.0 and 3.0) are available to you.
  • Connectivity for wireless includes a/b/g/n/ac 802.11 pls Bluetooth M.2 NIC.