HP Envy 750se Desktop, i7 Skylake, 12GB DDR4, 2TB Hard Drive, Nvidia GTX 745 for $765!

HP Envy 750se Desktop

There is no way to truly “future proof” your laptop or desktop purchase. Technology advances at a blinding pace and one day every device will be replace by a faster, more efficient one that takes up less space. But it is equally true that the better specs you get with your machine when you buy it, the longer it is likely to be before you feel the need to spend money to upgrade it, or replace it with a newer model.

That’s why we love to see advancements in the world of technology. Snag a machine with a new model processor, storage drive, or graphics and you’ll be probably be happy for considerably longer than you would with specs that have been exceeded by size and scope of the web, applications and so on…

Why ramble about new specs? Because we’re excited to see this deal from HP. They’re offering their very well equipped HP ENVY 750se Desktop PC for an excellent price for a limited time.

Just head to their site and click on “Customize and Buy”. Leave the specs as they are, then add the 750se to your cart for a best anywhere price of $779.99. Next, enter promo code 15LESS75 under “Coupons” to drop $15 off that price. Your final cost will be just $764.99 for some very nice, this generation power and ability. Considering that it goes for as much as $1,000 elsewhere, there’s a lot of value with this deal!

The 750se offers the latest, great processor from Intel, a Skylake version 6th generation i7-6700 quad-core beast with 8MB of shared cache and speeds as fast as 3.4GHz with Intel Turbo Boost. It’s very fast, and you probably won’t feel the need to change it anytime soon.

Looking for plenty of memory? The 750se comes with 12GB of it pre-installed, with efficient DDR4-2133 DIMM.

The Hard drive is a big, 7200 RPM (faster than the previous generation 5400 RPM versions) that gives you an enormous 2TB of storage space.

Graphics from Nvidia are above the norm here for sure, with Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 with 4GB of discrete memory for exceptional videos, photographs and movies.

The Operating System is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, but you can upgrade it to Windows 10 as soon as it gets to you.

A one year warranty from HP is included with your purchase.