How Much can you really win at Draft Kings?

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Remember the episode of Cheers in which Diane managed to win the “office” football pool by picking teams in order of “prettiest color?” Well, times have changed. Instead of pools we have various formats of Fantasy Football. As someone who plays, I have to tell you I’m perfectly happy with that.

You now get to throw some knowledge into your tactics, strategize, sit the injured, and start the players who are on a roll. Basically, you get to be the coach. That means whether you win or lost, more than ever, is based on some understanding of who can do what, and who is most likely to do it against whom.

Does the rookie wide receiver on your bench have a seven inch height advantage over the other team’s corner, the one most likely to cover your guy? Maybe you should think about starting him.

Your quarterback has never lost to the division rival your team is taking on this week? Might want to start that guy, too.

And is your defense playing against an error-prone quarterback who has a tendency to turn it over? Sounds like you should give that “D” a shot.

All of these things and many, many more are among the thoughts that go through the head of a fantasy football player. You consider trends, but also the injury status of a player, how well certain offensive players do against the type of defense they might be going against this weekend, and all sorts of stuff.

For example, on my team I put Terrance Williams in as soon as Dez Bryant was injured this season. I knew that Romo needed a receiver who could put some numbers up with his number one choice out. Williams would now be used a lot, I thought, so I started him.

Of course, Romo was then injured. That changed everything for the next week’s game. He was a favorite target of the Dallas quarterback, but someone else would be throwing to him (and probably much less frequently) now. With Brandon Weeden announced as the starter, I pulled Williams out. Time to find another receiver.

If this is the type of “coaching” you like to do, if you agonize over who to start, and if you want to win some serious cash while you do it all, take a look at Draft Kings.

These guys are giving away enormous sums of money, and they’re doing it for those who participate, not just in fantasy football including college and NFL, but also in Major League Baseball, soccer, golf and more.

It’s a fun way to put your coaching acumen to the test, and give yourself a chance to win more than $1,000,000 with a single game.

Leagues last for just one week, so there’s no waiting for months to find out who won. Draft Kings gives you the opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money, often with very small entry fee amounts out of your pocket.

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