Hot One Day Prices on Tumi Alpha Bravo Backpacks!

For 8/12, Amazon’s big deal of this particular day offers high-quality, usually much more expensive than you’re about to see here, stylish, pretty much awesome backpacks at very low prices that make you want to grab one and try it on! Checkout out discount on all three models that are more than half what they sell for at many other places!

Get 50% or more off your purchase of a very nice Tumi Alpha Bravo backpack while they got ’em…

Tumi Alpha Bravo Monterey Sling Bag $106.99
(Ballistic Nylon that will last until you order it not to!)

Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack $139.99
(Loads of pockets and built to last practically forever!)

Tumi Alpha Bravo Beale Mini Messenger $91.99
(Equally awesome, but slightly more stylish!)