Hamilton Beach Party Popcorn Maker $42.47!

I’ve been known to munch on popcorn while I work, and the next thing I know my bowl is empty. With a few cents worth of popcorn kernels and this simple, easy to use popper, I just make another batch (although it makes a pretty big quantity in one shot). And with this one, you don’t have to worry about strange ingredients you’ve never heard of. Make it healthy, add some melted butter, do it your way.

Walmart is offering the Hamilton Beach Party Popcorn Maker for just $42.47. Shipping is free and that’s $30 off it’s regular price, and about the same amount less than we found it for elsewhere. While it lasts.

– Pops more popcorn than the next best in it’s class. That’s good.

– In one batch you can get as much as 24 cups! That’s awesome.

– Reviews are very good everywhere we found this one for sale.

– Open the lid to get in side and add corn and stuff.

– Comes with a one year warranty from Hamilton Beach.

– Use the base as a serving bowl.

– The chamber it pops in is dishwasher safe. YES!

– Comes with measuring cup for your popcorn and oil.