GoPro Hero+ 1080p Action Camera, plus 32GB Flash, Mount, and Grip for $199.99!

Dog and Kayak not included.

Dog and Kayak not included.


Dear GoPro,

Thank you for finally making a great action camera for a price we can afford!

Dear Amazon,

Thanks for adding free stuff to this already great deal!

Yes, they make some of the most exceptional (not to mention ultra popular) action cameras you’ll find. But it’s about time they produced one that’s still great but at a cost that won’t make us action film producers without a place to live. With Black Friday fast approaching, we found an already great holiday gift idea on a fantastic device.

The new Hero+ from GoPro offers great functionality with the same ease of use you get from every one of their cameras, but Amazon has it for just $199.99 shipped free of charge at the moment! While it’s going for the same price at a couple of other sites, here you’ll get the GoPro Hero+ Starter Bundle (choose that option under the price) with some extras free of charge! Yes, that’s all you’ll pay to get all of this and more…

– Comes with the camera, plus head strap mount, hand grip that floats, and 32GB MicroSDHC Card from Lexar.

– Camera records glorious live video in 1080p or 720p at 60 frames per second.

– WiFi and Bluetooth are both built in so you can control it via your smartphone once you download the GoPro App.

– It’s waterproof down to as far as 40 meters, and like all of their cameras made to withstand touch conditions.

– Shoot burst and time lapse photos as fast as 5 frames per second in 8 megapixel beauty.