Gladiator GALG36KDYG Large GearBox RTA 72″ Floor Cabinet $169.99!

Gladiator Cabinet

*Update – Home Depot has it today, 11/30/17 only for just $169.99 with free shipping!*

It’s a one day deal and a hot one! This fantastic “tool box” from Gladiator is selling for at least $380 everywhere else we found it today. The Delivery cost is, quite frankly, ridiculous. So, order it online and go pick up at the local store and you won’t pay anything extra. We think it’s worth the trip to save well over $100!

For 10/22, Sears is offering the Gladiator GALG36KDYG Large GearBox RTA 72″ Floor Cabinet for a lowest ever $249.99! That’s a hefty $52 off their already low price!


– This big, glorious cabinet is meant to stand alone, offering you tons of space for all sorts of light or heavy, big or small stuff.

– The legs are adjustable because not all garage floors are even.

– All three shelves are full-width, giving you plenty of possibilities for what you put in it.

– The doors are able to be locked, to keep your stuff from prying eyes or wandering hands.

– It’s six feet tall and provides.

– Heavy duty steel construction plus and a finish of hammered granite means it’s going to last a long, long time!